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Wine Bar Code Readers

Uncork or add wines simply by scanning a wine barcode. The bar code wizard in The Uncorked Cellar allows you to add wines using the UPC code on the bottle, or a barcode printed on the wine inventory tag. Those who are already using barcode readers are raving as to the increased efficiency of entering and removing wine.

Adding wine to your inventory using the UPC barcode on the bottle

To add a wine to your cellar by scanning the UPC barcode on the bottle of wine with your barcode reader...

  • Open your Cellar
  • Go to the Add Wine page
  • Enter the country of the wine you are adding to load the appropriate database
  • Scan the wine barcode on the bottle
    • Winemaker notes, wine ratings, estimated wine peak will be displayed.
    • Enter the vintage of the wine you are adding
    • Enter how many bottles, and the purchase price
    • Press the Add button when ready
  • Scan your remaining bottles in turn to add each bottle, remembering each time to add the vintage, number of bottles and the purchase price for each bottle
    • Remember to press the Clear button before scanning the next bottle to remove the previous wine information
    • If you use the barcode wizard, select the number of bottles, wine vintage and purchase price before scanning the UPC bar code

wine barcode

Display wine details using the UPC barcode on the bottle

Simply scan the UPC bar code on the Add-Wine page to look up the information for that wine. If that barcode is in the database or your cellar, all of the wine details will be automatically displayed.

Display wine information by scanning the barcode

Remove wine from your inventory using a barcode on the inventory tag

Scan the barcode on the Cellar page to look up the information for that wine, or use the Barcode Wizard to uncork just by scanning the barcode on the bottle tags.

Wine Bar Code Scanner

Barcode Scanner
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